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American Truck Group
Main address: 9140 Canal Road 39503 Gulfport MS
(888) 539-5006, ,
  • 11 complaints
  • $30K claimed losses
  • $2.7K average
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This company has a history going back nearly a decade, if you call the Mississippi Attorney General they can tell you they have hundreds of complaints hundreds ! a pattern of fraud and deception and they are pretty ashamed, first even they admit the contract dose little to protect the consumer but boy it protects ATG NTF and all Louis Normands affiliates! see they practice predatory type sales... Read more

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Just couldnt do it anymore, everyday I hoped that something would change for the better because it could be a great place to work. It is a good concept. But with no people skills and no business ethics. I understand that the same people are still in control well that is the problem. They had brought in someone from Texas that seemed to be the one that was going to make a difference. I had a... Read more

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they lied to me took my money and keeped the truck they never tell thier customers the truth I should have knew something was wrong when I ask the price of trhe truck and no one seemed to know so I looked it up on line and printed it out and when time came to sign the contract I show it to the lady she jumped up anfd left me in tha office for 30 min and when she came back she asked how did i get... Read more

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Hello, I'm presently a new customer and recently brought a 2006 freightliner november 22,2012 from jimmy johnson and had it for just a few days and found the brakes were cracked, u-joints were bad,and the EGR was bad. American truck group are ripping me off. I feel like a heel and really need help. Now before the truck gets out of the shop I have to pay a $499 deductable an the truck has not made... Read more

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Wow, Mr. Louie Normand CEO as you like to be called. You know that CEOs are responsible for closing down at least 3 business'. This must be one of those business'. Now you have people you dont even know giving you business advise that your not going to take. Im sure everything that happens at your place you know about or it wouldnt happen. I wouldnt think that you have somebody pulling your... Read more

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Well it was good while it lasted. You know you have a problem and or know you are the problem and you still continue thats crazy. If all you had to do is replace one person with someone that knows what to do why wouldnt you do that or why wouldnt you leave on your own if you know the company would benefit from it you stay and it gets worse. Well I guess you guys deserve what comes around. Does... Read more

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Very happy to hear they are replacing their General Manager. They have interviewing potential replacements. I understand they have been looking and have someone in mind. I hope it's soon that's probably all they need they do have a good idea now they somebody to run with it especially change their sales dept and parts dept and their service wow does anybody know how to run a dealership.... Read more

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This company is full of liars!!! I can't say it enough. But what I can say is DO NOT sign the paper that they will insist that you sign when you return the truck. If you do, you will be signing away your rights to sue them -- and you very possibly have a lawsuit against them. They will try to bully you into signing -- DO NOT. When you return your truck, take pictures of everything and... Read more

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My name is james martin shela was my contact over there and richard was the one to so say give me a deal well shela told me if i brought my motor cycle down there they approved me for the deal and my bike was my trade in and i gave them 503 dollars and i did everything they asked me and when i got down there they told me i would have to come up with 2900.00 more and i drove 150 miles one way .... Read more

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Everyone knows its a rental program. Nobody said you had to buy a truck. They help people with *** credit which if you were to go to peterbuilt or Kentworth you pay more in interest alone than what there selling there trucks for. You people want to bash that company because y'all can't get financed anywhere else. I have a truck from them I like there program it's not for everyone but it doesn't... Read more

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