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We bought a truck 26 days ago.Went frim florida to gulfport for the purchase.Brought the truck & parked it.Waiting for all the permits to come in.The truck started working on 1/11/2016.Right away it showed a regen.It wouldn't take the regen.Took it to the shop & now it's going to cost 6k to fix.We haven't used it for a week.Not happy with them.Wish we would of looked at the reviews before we went... Read more

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ATG is a lying, deceptive, and cheating company. I gave them 8500 dollars for a faulty unit. I spent an addition 1354 dollars in repairs the first two weeks. Things that i asked them to address prior to leaving. On the way home, i started to experience problems. I called and they sent me to a jack leg mechanic who said nothing was wrong with the truck. I paid him 200 dollars. On my first trip i... Read more

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I worked at this company for 7 months. NEVER get harrassed by Maria Quigley at that place became if you are you WILL lose your job. I was harrassed by this woman for 5 months straight. I gave my manager 4 different occasions to fix this issue and he didn't. I finally had enough and told him if he did not do something about it I would go to the next chain of command to get the issue resolved.... Read more

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I don't even know where to start!!!! Not only is this company a rip off but Louie Normand treats his employees worse than the customers !! The whole family is always looking for a way to screw people. I'm surprised they haven't been shut down. I know 20/20 did a segment but couldn't get employees to cooperate due to threats made by Louie fire and file suit for slander if ANYONE spoke the... Read more

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I would like to get some formation on how I could get a lawyer to represent me in regarding the truck I got into in July. It broke down and its been in the shop in Mesa Arizona now for almost two week. Now, I was looking at the ATG inventory in Phoenix Arizona, my truck that I still have a contract attached to my name in back on inventory. My truck number is A4395..I tried leaving messages... Read more

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If anyone wants me to testify I will im an ex employee of American truck group and saw all the scams and fraud repairs give me a call I am real I worked at the mesa location I will respond this people are crooks Read more

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This company is the biggest rip off and they must be treating these 10-15 truck owners different than the guys that only buy one. They don't honor the warranty,you have to wait in line to get repairs for weeks on end. You have to make a truck payment while the vehicle is in the shop for repairs and they don't even offer any type of compensation. my driver sat in a hotel for almost 2x weeks... Read more

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They don't do nothing that they say.. Please I'm begging you.. Don't deal with these people.. They will Robb you, without a Gun... Add comment

I went and picked a 780 Volvo from the Gulfport location May 28th. The truck has had numerous issues out the gate, they act like they are doing everything to help me but they're really not so far I've put more into the truck than I've put down and the truck needs more work, I got the 50/50 maintenance plan which they are changing the rules on a daily basis bottom line is my truck has been in the... Read more

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This company is the worst trucking company I have ever worked with. I have been shipping things for over 20 years and this was by for the worst ever. They lie about the shipment when the TV was in transit. They will not answer the phone 90% the time. Every time they did talked to me I was told something different. When they delivered the TV they did not do what they were suppose to do by... Read more

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