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This company is full of liars!!! I can't say it enough. But what I can say is DO NOT sign the paper that they will insist that you sign when you return the truck. If you do, you will be signing away your rights to sue them -- and you very possibly have a lawsuit against them. They will try to bully you into signing -- DO NOT.

When you return your truck, take pictures of everything and if possible video too. Make sure that you have coverage of the keys in the ignition. They will call and tell you that the keys were not left in there.

Get a local newspaper and have someone to take a picture of you holding the paper - stand in front of the truck - in front of the building. Then zoom in and get the date on the paper.

They have been sued by a truckdriver group and I also found a lawsuit filed Oct. 6, 2012 in California for several things including racketeering. My friend is also retained an attorney and will very possibly be filing suit soon.

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of and lied to - sue the liars! You may be able to find an attorney that will take the case pro-bono.

Monetary Loss: $5000.


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Please contact me Kevin 717-437-3619 or email me at kev_wise@yahoo. Com


Please call kevin 717-437-3619 they r screwing me out of my truck

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #592558

I have seriously spoken to some of these people that got scammed and even went down there and checked it out, something seemed real fishy.After comparing what people told me and listening to what the salesman was saying to me or rather Wasn't saying, avoiding answering in-depth questions that others said they couldn't get answers to until they had their money and had them in some little office in the back.

I tend to believe these guys that got taken. Because sure as i asked about payments, tags, extra fees i needed to know about, the dude was ducking and dodging like i have never seen!

Fellas, you have been warned.Don't be the example of the old saying, "a fool and his money are soon parted!"

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #586589

(Trucker Heaven continued) They weren't new or fancy or all chromed out, that's not what makes a truck.They were clean looking and solid.

That's what I wanted and needed.Long story short, I'm in the American Truck Group program. It's not like any other deal that I have seen or heard of anywhere else and it works. I guess that I am lucky compared to some of those experienced drivers. I got my own truck from the beginning instead of working for 20myears for someone before I decided I deserved more than a percentage of a load.

I make 100% of the money off every load I make.Thank you American & all your employees for showing me that I can do this all by myself.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #586584

My name is eric and i'm not as experienced as most of the people that have been in the trucking business for years but when I made up my mind to be a truck driver, i knew I didn't want to drive a company truck for a big business to help them get bigger.I wanted my own rig.

a friend of mine had been telling me for some time that him and a few of his friends had trucks with American Truck Group and I should call or go see them. I don't like phones when working out a business deal. Too many details can be lost or forgotten in a phone call so I drove to Gulfport.

Their inventory was very impressive, the Volvo's, the Peterbilt's, the Kenworth's....I was in trucker heaven.

Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States #586230

The idea of replacing parts like a mechanic would on an aircraft is the way to go.Replace certain items before they fail and no matter what, do not drive a truck if you know that a part is failing.

It could cost you your life or that of person(s) around you. If nothing else, it will cost you so much more money than if you had fixed the problem in the first place. Some time ago, I was fueling up outside Amarillo, Texas and a cattle-hauler was next to me. When told of the small puddle of oil coming from the back end of his Peterbilt onto the pavement he said "it must have come from the truck before me," as he pulled off.

30 miles down the road I noticed the cb traffic, 60 miles down the road I saw the smoke and 80 miles down the road saw the truck on fire. The wheel seal was leaking and the back end caught on fire.

It burned someone else's Peterbilt, 20 something head of cattle and the trailer.All of this and so many more disasters could be avoided by preventive maintenance.

Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States #586220

Kind of like a teenager with their first car, I did not take care of my first truck.I mean, I did the minimum maintenance required but as to when to change out certain parts I failed miserably.

I was sitting at American Truck Group waiting for my truck to have tires put on and I overheard someone make an the argument for trucks being treated (repair/maintenance wise) akin to aircraft. I had one of those 'light bulb coming on over my head moments' because of the similarities. With an aircraft, certain parts and systems have a life of so many hours before they are replaced. There is a point at which all parts fail.

If you wait until a part fails instead of replacing a part you know is living on borrowed time I can promise you that are going to be looking at a much larger bill.

When a part breaks and all 80,000 lbs of you are going 80 MPH the repair is going to be much, much worse than if you replaced the part before.Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your truck on the road and your loads always being delivered.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #586194

My Son and I got a truck from ATG last year about this time.All in all it was a good decision for the both of us.

The trucks have held up. Most things do hold up that you take care of and I don't think this company has some disproportionate share of bad trucks. Used trucks take a lot of care. So, before you try to wreck an entire company think about what they really did and did not do so wrong.

For me, the parts division has really gone above and beyond other dealerships that I have dealt with. I am working on my truck if I am not driving it.

I have saved a great deal of money on parts from the discount they give me since I am one of their program customers.The more I put into my truck, the more I get out of it in performance AND dollars.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #585003

SEE PRIOR POSTS: Four years later everything is gone.No trucks, no employees that depended on me, no nothing because of one woman, one person.

That is all it takes online. It is more common than you think. So, back to American Truck Group since that is the reason I am writing this. This nightmare wrecked not only my life but also my credit.

They are the only company with good trucks that would deal with me. While my situation was much, much worse than almost any other business you read about, I feel for any company that has to undergo these anonymous public assaults by those that remain private.

Many of the complaints are by the same person, the same pissed consumer.And that is why I give American Truck Group an A+.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #584997

SEE PRIOR POSTS: It is very hard to run a company and deal with a psychotic woman, professional scam artist, bent on destroying you.In less than two years I had lost almost everything.

the police are worthless in situations like these. What laws are on the books she knew very well and they were ineffective to begin with. On Rip Off Report alone she created over seventy-two profiles over a period of two years. I had received letters from most of the people she claimed to be in attempts to extort and blackmail me.

I know this because a detective from another state called me six months ago.

She had tried the same car wreck scam and died in the accident.They went to her apartment and it contained the personal records of thirty-eight individuals she had destroyed in her 42 years on this earth.

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