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Well it was good while it lasted.You know you have a problem and or know you are the problem and you still continue thats crazy.

If all you had to do is replace one person with someone that knows what to do why wouldnt you do that or why wouldnt you leave on your own if you know the company would benefit from it you stay and it gets worse. Well I guess you guys deserve what comes around. Does not make sense you have plenty of money to continue or dont care about everybody else you have working for you iether. It seem like you had a good Idea at one time its probably going work better the second third time around unfortunitly.

You guys arent going to do anything with it. Good luck in your next venture.

Next time put people in charge that at least have an idea of the kind of business you want to gey involved in.I not one petson there knows what to do starting with your executives the problem always starts there.

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Miami, Florida, United States #589981

tha new oners name is fred.according to tha new guy in cash sales.yea you can tell there are alot of new people in this company but they ask tha old people what to do.

i jus sit there an listened to all ther wackyness. no one nows what is goin on. no one nows what to do. pretty obvious no one nows what to do also.

this place is mixed up bad. i came in on 2 cash trucks but when i got there they would not do tha deal for what they advertised it for? then i here tha oners son tom say that his manager wont do tha deal cause tha investor dont want tha deal unless he could get a real warranty. if this confuses you me to.

this place is lucky i had a loadf behind me and was already on i-10 headed to miami. unlike 1 of tha others that was kinda in tha same boat as me but he was madplus cause he drove 700 mile to buy a trucki for tha price in the paper and tha salesman keith said he had to work him even though it was tha very truck in tha ad.

they left with out a truck.get ur house in order

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #586658

If anyone reading this really thinks that American Truck Group has the time or money or desire for that matter to chase trucks down all over the country then that person does not have a full understanding of this company.They are about making money, not needlessly spending it.

Since 2009 they have done everything they said they would do for me and nothing they said they would not. I live in Mobile, Alabama which is only an hour away so I go to the dealership for almost everything. I feel like I have a very good understanding of the company. They promise to help you get into a truck and they will.

You have to use the sense the God gave you though to make sure it is the right deal for you and it is at the right time.Thanks and God Bless, William Patterson of Patterson Logistics, LLC.

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #586654

I can say without question that American Truck Group has never done anything that would make me believe that they would rather have the truck I drive back at their dealership instead of out on the road generating income.In fact, almost everything they do is geared towards the customer staying in the truck and on the road.

It is a simple win-win philosophy: The more positive they treat us the more positive we speak of them (except of course the few insane people they could not make happy on this site).The more they help us stay in our trucks the more they receive their payments on time, every time.

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #586653

I was there three days ago.American Truck Group is not "going down." I have been a customer since 2009 and I actually read this while I was in the their lobby waiting for the shop to finish my clutch.

In fact, instead of going down they are doing the exact opposite. They are opening new facilities in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia as another user stated and i confirmed with management. Also, the New Year will bring their free classes and educational software/materials to better help owner operators better manage their bottom line.

It is sort of like business for truckers 101.It is open to anyone who is getting a truck or that already have a truck through them.

Amarillo, Texas, United States #586596

(Continued from Blown Head Gasket) Now that my friend is service if i have ever seen it.I was down for pretty much the rest of the week but my rep called me & the shop everyday to check on the progress.

She had the shop and American's shop on the phone with every detail of what was going on and a daily progress report. They even worked with me on my payments due on the truck while it was down. i was amazed and still am to this day. Even though I had the truck and ran it hard for over two years, they paid for the repair minus a deductible.I was told that was what the warranty was really for.

My rep told me that it was for catastrrophic failure.

You know, the kind that puts you out of business the bill is so high.No complaints here.

Amarillo, Texas, United States #586594

When American Truck Group asked me for my review I jumped at the idea.For those of you who doubt the business or the program, let me tell you a short story.

Two months ago my Peterbilt (that I have had with American Truck Group for over two years) started having some major trouble. Before I knew exactly what happened, I blew the head gasket. Keep in mind this was not their fault, it happens, but they dang sure jumped on getting it repaired like it was.

I have never in my twenty-seven years of driving seen a dealership move so fast to help someone.And that was part of it, they made me feel like someone, someone important.Within two hours me and my truck were in a shop with a diagnostic machine hooked up to her.

Henderson, Nebraska, United States #583836

I think that most of whatever you read on this site is generated by fewer people than most believe.How many people know someone who does not get their way and then they seek revenge over and over.

Some term this person as toxic. And the internet is perfect due to the anonymous nature of the revenge. Adolf Hitler said that if you tell people the same lie enough they will start to believe you. It is known as propaganda.

ATG put me in a truck that helped me restart my life. I would not have put myself in a truck if i owned it at that point but they did. That is what they do.

Crazy you have people so concerned with one person in a company as large and diversified as American Truck Group.Probably a bitter ex employee or current employee on the way out the door.

Monahans, Texas, United States #583829

You have free will to make choices.With that freedom comes acceptance of either blame or praise.

Whichever it may be it is because of your free will. Maybe you chose to not do a pre-trip inspection on a truck and then it breaks down hundreds of miles later. You chose to not check the truck and should it fail the blame is assigned to the one who made the choice. I read this philosphy of blame while I believed I was finished.

Every business I had in the past failed. I thought that for some reason I was created to be a failure. I was miserable and wanted to be alone. Long story short, I was at the Salvation Army getting a meal and I saw a book that, for some reason, even though I did not enjoy reading, I felt I should buy and read.

It was named The Arestotelian Account. It is Aristotle's philosphy regarding blame. Within a couple days I realized that for the past 47 years everything has always been someone elses fault unless the outcome was positive and then it was mine. However, things rarely remain positive for long if you cannot except blame.

I got a truck from American Truck Group with help from my parents. That was three and a half years ago. I just paid it off and am getting another one. I am thankful that they are in business.

You can either accept this truth now or years down the road but one day you will realize that you and only you are to blame or praise for whatever you life becomes.I wish every soul the best.

Sacramento, California, United States #583820

I agree some people always *** the hand that helps them.My husband and I have had our Kenworth for 2 years and the American Truck Group we have known does not sound like the same company.

This company takes a huge risk with those who want to better their lives, but are not able to secure typical financing due to problem credit. Some complain that they had to wait a few days for the truck to be ready. So, American Truck Group made sure the truck was mechanically sound. A company that was interested only in ripping you off would not have spent any time working on this truck.

Actually, all trucks that leave their facility receive a Federal DOT inspection so you can rest assured that trucks are ready to work. American Truck Group has a great program that most people with sub-prime credit can benefit from.

Just as with any program though, not everyone can be satisfied.Do yourself a favor and contact the company to see if they have a program that would benefit you or your business.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #583800

I suppose when a customer walks into a business with "FAILURE" tattoed on his or her forehead it is only a matter of time before they cry that they got ripped off.After all, the truck was supposed to get 1.3 MPG instead of 1.2 MPG after receiving the chrome tonnage package and that one tenth of a mile per gallon is why he failed.

And, what will he write?The salesman lied to him, the company did not live up to their promises, and when you see only one side, you make an uninformed decision based upon an anonymous post from someone who still wonders what the letters CDL stand for on his license.

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